HELP WANTED: Someone tell me what to wear

Today’s Forecast:

Currently 32° with a high of 68°

52% chance of snowy rain and sunshine all day

Reminder: The office temperature is frigid and/or hell

Ok great! So, I’m going to wear my jewelry today aaaand ????

kerry gilligan wide coordinates ring in 14k yellow gold with diamonds.jpg
kerry gilligan custom jewelry in solid 14k gold with diamonds lake jewelry coordinates jewelry push presents fall 2018 flowers.jpg

I Said Yes!

It's no secret that Summer is my favorite season (#lakelife).  However, someone asked me the other day if I was excited for Fall... and I said yes!  I don't know what it is this year, but I'm actually really looking forward to it.  Here's some proof:

Kerry Gilligan Jewelry Fall 2017.jpg

OMG Summer

Next stop: the lake!

Walloon lake necklace by Kerry Gilligan with diamonds

Somewhere, Lately

Hooray!! The Namesake Ring is famous!!  Meggan from Somewhere, Lately wears her Namesake Ring just about everyday - as seen in the many shots of it on the blog.  Most recently, she dished on the details: hers has her son’s name, Camden, with a diamond between each letter and date of birth engraved on the inside.  Read all about it >> HERE

More looks By Somewhere, Lately featuring the namesake ring: