The More The Merrier

We're upgrading The Namesake Bracelet!  Each ring is hand engraved with the name of your loved one (child/grandchild/etc.) - and now you can add rings to your bracelet through the years as babies are born.  Added bonus: birthdate is engraved on the inside.  It's the new charm bracelet!

I know several moms who are gunning to have enough grandchildren for an entire link bracelet... (ahem... my own).

kerry gilligan double ring namesake bracelet

Somewhere, Lately

Hooray!! The Namesake Ring is famous!!  Meggan from Somewhere, Lately wears her Namesake Ring just about everyday - as seen in the many shots of it on the blog.  Most recently, she dished on the details: hers has her son’s name, Camden, with a diamond between each letter and date of birth engraved on the inside.  Read all about it >> HERE

More looks By Somewhere, Lately featuring the namesake ring:

My Littlest Model

Ok, fine.  So she's not technically mine.  But, she's my sister's which is basically the same thing.  

To commemorate the new addition to the family, we came up with a custom ring for my sister's husband to give to her.  This ring is much like The Coordinates Ring but, instead of coordinates, it reads "Charlotte" with a diamond between each letter.  Added bonus: her birthdate is engraved on the inside!  Someday this ring will be passed down to Charlie but, in the meantime, maybe Heather will add at least one more with a different name to the stack??