Bridesmaids Gifts!

The Morse Code Bracelets are back at it again! Wether you’re asking her to be, or thanking her for having been, the Bridal Party Morse Code Bracelets will be the perfect gift for the people who stand by you on your big day. (There’s even a version for the bride!)

Bridal Party Morse Code Bracelets

Solid 14k yellow gold “dot and dash” beads strung to read:

“Maid of Honor“ | “Bridesmaid” | “The Bride”

Made of solid gold and ultra durable nylon cord, these babies are made to last. Wear them in the shower, swimming, the gym… wherever life takes you. (Think: you and your girls wearing them all bachelorette weekend from the pool, to the sweaty dance floor, and beyond).

Finished with a sliding clasp for a universal fit.


For the MOH and Bridesmaids:

for the Bride: