New coordinates bracelet!

Hello Coordinates Bracelet!  I am so excited about this bracelet that I couldn't wait share it.  (It's not even in the online shop yet... I literally could not wait).  This little cutie comes with all kinds of customization options!

  1. Coordinates: Choose one of your favorite locations.  As with all items from the Coordinates Collection, this can be customized down to the exact address!  
  2. Diamonds: Available with 0, 2, or 4 diamonds in varying sizes. 
  3. Color: Choose your cord!  We have many different options including material, color and embellishments. But don't worry if you can't decide - it can be swapped out at anytime!   

Favorite location, gold, and interchangeable colors?? Yes, please!


P.S. Many items sold out during the Christmas season - but not to worry!  We are currently in the processes of restocking and will have  them all available again soon!

14k yellow gold cord coordinates bracelet with diamonds by Kerry Gilligan