How to win the Gift Giving Competition

Some people are just hard to shop for but, I’ve learned one trick that always wins. Wether they seem to have everything, insist they don’t want anything, or are simply extremely picky:

Go custom.

Because, lets face it, custom = thoughtful.

Check out some of our favorite custom gifts that are sure to earn you the Gift Giving Trophy this year.


coordinates pendant by kerry gilligan in 14k yellow gold with diamonds


Graduated? Engaged? Married? Vacation spot? New home? Old home? So many locations to choose from!


Walloon Lake Diamond Necklaces by Kerry Gilligan



Outline of favorite island, lake, etc. as jewelry is the reason this business began! Hands down, this is our best seller.


namesake ring in 14k yellow gold with diamonds by kerry gilligan


The Namesake Ring is one of our most popular sellers. And it’s not just for new mothers! We get lots of requests for school names (great grad gifts!) and first or last names (especially the maiden name of a new or soon to be bride!). The possibilities are endless.



Not sure what to get? Contact me and we’ll find something!

(PS I also do a lot of custom jewelry and typically always have extra goodies around that aren’t on the site!)


HELP WANTED: Someone tell me what to wear

Today’s Forecast:

Currently 32° with a high of 68°

52% chance of snowy rain and sunshine all day

Reminder: The office temperature is frigid and/or hell

Ok great! So, I’m going to wear my jewelry today aaaand ????

kerry gilligan wide coordinates ring in 14k yellow gold with diamonds.jpg
kerry gilligan custom jewelry in solid 14k gold with diamonds lake jewelry coordinates jewelry push presents fall 2018 flowers.jpg

The Summer Bummer

Going back to school can be an exciting time of year!  Except for when it comes to the whole "having to leave the lake" part.  I'm not going to try to sugar coat that. 

Whether its back to school or back to work, keep a little piece of your lake with you.

kerry gilligan jewelry back to school orignal necklace walloon lake wawasee charlevoix burt lake geneva maxinkuckee.jpg
kerry gilligan jewelry back to school walloon lake necklace with custom coordinates pendant 14k yellow gold and diamonds.jpg

summer is for the birds

If you're a bird, I'm a bird.

Ryan Gosling once said to me while we were filming The Notebook, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird". 

Wait... it might not have been directly to me... I can't remember. 

Either way, it's summer, Ryan, and we are all flamingos now.

kerry gilligan life bangle summer 11.jpg
kerry gilligan wide coordinates ring 14k yellow gold summer shoot.jpg

A Charm Bracelet Fell In Love with a Bangle

A charm bracelet and a bangle fell in love.

And the rest is history.


Your history!

life bracelet 5.jpg

Customize The Life Bangle with hand-engraved images that represent you!

I've always loved a good charm bracelet not only because they tell the story of one's life, but also because I have such a soft spot for things that are smaller than they're supposed to be (i.e. Nike's for babies).  However, charm bracelets often aren't practical for everyday wear - which is why I also love a good, sleek bangle.  They're versatile and effortless.  In typical fashion, I've merged two of my favorite things into The Life Bangle.  This highly custom bangle features hand-engraved images that are meaningful to your life and represent you! 

Here's what I picked for My Life Bangle:



From the day I got Zoey for my 16th birthday, we were two peas in a pod.  Between our mutual love of jelly beans, ice cream, and laying out in the sun, down to the fact that we share the same birthday, she will forever be my favorite shadow.  

We said goodbye to Zoey a few weeks ago, and it completely broke my heart.  The very next day, my new Life Bangle happened to be ready from the engraver.  It couldn't have come at a better time!  I will always love my Zippy Dog and it makes me so happy to have a little reminder of her with me everyday.

kerry gilligan life bracelet engraving of walloon lake head house dock

The Boathouse

The dock will always be one of my favorite places on Earth. It's the location I always use for all of my personal pieces from the coordinates collection.  Just thinking of the sound of the water against the dock gets me so excited for summer!



This is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my family.  My cousins first started calling me Key when they were very little.  If you follow me on Instagram though, you know that Key has also morphed into Kiki and Keeks, a la my niece, Lottie.  If you're bored, check my Instagram for hilarious videos of her and her huge personality.  I swear it's the real reason people follow me!


American Flag

The 4th of July is second only to Christmas in my book.  Now that I think about it though, I might like it more than Christmas??  I don't know... it's a toss up.  But I'm a sucker for anything red, white, blue, and Americana.  

kerry gilligan life bracelet moccasins minnetonka.jpg


Every summer growing up, my grandfather would get us a new pair of Minnetonka moccasins when we arrived to the lake.  I loved them so much that I would wear them until they literally had holes.  A pair of mine from when I was 3 now sits proudly on display at the lake house with the big toe completely worn out.  My current Minnetonka faves are my fuzzy slippers.  (I often wear them outside on chilly nights out on the boat.  I know, I'm so bad.)

kerry gilligan life bracelet walloon lake outline michigan.jpg

Walloon Lake

It's the reason I started this company and no explanation would give this place justice... So I'm not even going to try! 

kerry gilligan life bracelet racecar indy 500 indiana.jpg

Indy Car

I grew up in Carmel, IN just outside of Indianapolis.  I absolutely love it there and will always consider it home.  I chose the race car to represent Indy in general because, while going to the 500 is one of my favorite traditions, it's also just a great excuse to go home!



This one is pretty obvious.  I spend SO much time with jewelry everyday!  But my favorite part of being in the industry is definitely the people. When I first started, I had no idea that I would make lifelong friends along the way!


What would you put on yours?

Alma mater?  Children's initials?  The possibilities are endless!

The Life Bangle  Starting at $3000

The Life Bangle

Starting at $3000